I am the worst blogger ever.

I'm moving into a new home this weekend and am very much looking forward to decorating. First on my to-do list is to make myself a bed. I've designed it and think I can make it for a reasonable price. Second on the list is to make curtains. I discovered at the boy's house that table cloths make cheap, easy curtains and the little clip-style rings make the project even easier.

In the knitting world I'm working on the Wild Stripes blanket from Knitty for a friend who is expecting a boy in February. I'll post photos as soon as I can. Perhaps I can take a pic with my kick-ass new iPhone.

And finally, quite late, is a photo of the sampler that my mother and I (very little emphasis on "I") made for a friend's August 2007 wedding.


Get This Girl a Camera

What's up the hiatus you ask? No excuse...just a new job, a long commute and relative homelessness. Damn real world.

There are lots of exciting things to post about. If I could only get my hands on a camera (as in, if I could only turn on the camera) I would have some kick-ass pictures to share. Alas, I will wait until later to share.