No Sweaters

I finished the green v-neck sweater using Rowan's Calmer. I'm not that in love with it. I just don't think sweaters are my thing, I'm too picky. Darn.


White Bobbi Bear

Yesterday the white bobbi bear was a headless WIP, today he's a finished bear, head, ears, nose, eyes, and all. It's amazing how motivating a reality check can be...or am I just procrastinating from writing the memo that's due on Monday? Hard to tell.


Reality Check 101

There's nothing like a good reality check every now and then. So, here it is, a photo of those WIP's that actually warrant attention (i.e. those that aren't in the frog box - don't worry the froggers are living out their last few months in a pretty box; they're happy). It's rather embarrassing to have so many projects that are a few hours from completion. But to be honest this really doesn't look excessive to me.

Starting from that small white thing in the upper left we have:
White Bunny (sans ears)
Felted Flamingo
White Bobbi Bear
Ribbon Tape Cardigan
Fish Blanket
Gray Top-Down Wrap Sweater (I may move this to frog box)
White Bear
Clapotis (may join the wrap sweater)
Blue Socks with an Afterthought Heel
Red Alpaca Braided Scarf
Green Calmer V-Neck
Blossom (in the center)

Last month's reality check was when I organized my stash and didn't have enough room on a queen sized bed to fit it all. Now that was excessive...to anyone. I didn't take a picture so I may need to organize it again and have a visual reminder that yarn doesn't grow on trees, it grows in my closet...and dresser...and cedar chest...and under the bed...


Rectangle Shawl is Done!

I stayed up late last night adding the picot edging to the rectangle shawl. I am so pleased with it! I used a Blue Sky Alpaca pattern and 100% baby alpaca worsted weight. I love it. I love wearing shawls, I'm obsessed. Notice the snow in the background...there's still snow on the ground and we're supposed to get more tomorrow!

If anyone knows the widget or html code to enable the "comments" link on the main page in blogger please let me know. I've tried all of the settings and can't get it to work on the main page, only in individual posts. thanks!


Baby Wearing Sling

Last night I made this baby sling for a friend who is having a baby shower this weekend. I used fabric from Amy Butler that I purchased at Cabbage Rose, a pattern that I found here (I modified it to fit a taller person), and sling rings from this site. I'm really pleased with the results! The shoulder and the rails where the baby's head and legs will rest are padded quite nicely. It's really cute. I may have to bring the bear with me to the shower to demonstrate. We also bought her the baby wearing DVD available here, which claims to show over 200 baby wearing positions. So cool!


Yarn Purchase

Here's a pic of my latest yarn purchase. Thanks for the gift certificate, bro. I don't have a project in mind for the coral calmer yet but it's my favorite yarn so I had to buy the skeins that were on sale. I used it last year to make Blossom in the same coral color and loved it (blossom needs about 6" of icord edging before it's finished and has been in my to do box for almost a year).
I am such a huge Rowan yarn fan!


You Have to be Kidding Me!

I woke up to this:

Early yesterday morning there wasn't a speck of snow, late yesteday morning I ran on fairly clear pavement while it was starting to snow. Last night I drove home in about 4" of snow. I did not expect to wake up to find snow up to the seat of the bench (center of photo). After numerous buzzing and beeping episodes of freezers, microwaves and surge protectors throughout the night the power finally went out this morning and the generator kicked in. You really have to be kidding me, it's April 5th!


First Fish

The first fish came out quite well. I'm not sure what colors I'm going to use. I was going to use Rowan's All Seasons Cotton in pink & tan but I've never seen a pink fish before. I think I need more ocean-y colors, although I've never really seen a blue fish before either. I'm lying, I have. I've probably seen pink too. Oh the indecision. Am I just looking for an excuse to buy more yarn? I just spent the gift certificate my brother gave me for xmas, how can I justify buying more yarn?

I've started fish #2 and reversed the pattern so I can knit the fish together to form "fish strips."

Here's a pic:


Tessellating Fish Blanket

I've found a new project! Yes, I know I have a bunch of unfinished projects but this one is cool. It's a fish blanket, here is a photo and here is another. I spent hours figuring out the pattern today from looking at the photo of the finished blanket before stumbling upon the first link. Even though I think this would be an excellent stash project I think I want to do it in two colors - I'm just not sure which ones. Off to start my first fish!


Key Lime Pie Day!

It was a productive weekend. I finished paper #2 of 5 by mid-afternoon on Sunday. Then I cleaned. I moved every piece of furniture in my bedroom to clean up every last bit of dust from every surface. Now I have my desk where I can look out both windows while I continue the month of marathon paper writing.

I also baked a key lime pie using fresh key limes. If you're not familiar, key limes are only about 1" in diameter. It took nearly an hour to squeeze enough for the pie, but the results were worth it.

Key Lime Pie
1 cup of key lime juice (either from fresh key limes or from a jar "Nellie's" key lime juice is the best)
2 cans of fat-free sweetened condensed milk
8 egg yolks
1 9" graham cracker pie crust
1 extra graham cracker crushed and a ramekin

Mix the yolks and milk together, add juice until well blended. Pour into pie crust so it is almost over flowing. There will be some filling left-over so spread the crushed graham cracker on the bottom of a greased ramekin, spray with Pam and fill with remaining filling. Bake at the same time at 350 for approximately 25 minutes (20 for the ramekin) until the center is set. Chill & serve w/ fresh whipped cream.