Reality Check 101

There's nothing like a good reality check every now and then. So, here it is, a photo of those WIP's that actually warrant attention (i.e. those that aren't in the frog box - don't worry the froggers are living out their last few months in a pretty box; they're happy). It's rather embarrassing to have so many projects that are a few hours from completion. But to be honest this really doesn't look excessive to me.

Starting from that small white thing in the upper left we have:
White Bunny (sans ears)
Felted Flamingo
White Bobbi Bear
Ribbon Tape Cardigan
Fish Blanket
Gray Top-Down Wrap Sweater (I may move this to frog box)
White Bear
Clapotis (may join the wrap sweater)
Blue Socks with an Afterthought Heel
Red Alpaca Braided Scarf
Green Calmer V-Neck
Blossom (in the center)

Last month's reality check was when I organized my stash and didn't have enough room on a queen sized bed to fit it all. Now that was excessive...to anyone. I didn't take a picture so I may need to organize it again and have a visual reminder that yarn doesn't grow on trees, it grows in my closet...and dresser...and cedar chest...and under the bed...

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