Fabulous Baby Blanket of Fabulous Proportions

I moved. This means that I moved away from the fabulous camera that I used to use to photograph blogable stuff. I also got a new job with a rather generous employer, and subsequently a new iphone from that said employers. The iphone has an integrated camera, which is sufficient but produces photos that are no where near the quality of the fabulous camera. Alas, my blog has suffered and has fallen into a state of severe neglect.

But, now that the new apartment is totally pimped out Martha Stewart style I am finding myself with a bit more spare time to actually create non-fixtures. So I must start blogging again. I’m saving my pennies for the Nikon D80, but until my pennies accumulate I’ll be relying on the good ‘ole iphone camera for most of my photos. So there you have it.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to resurrect my posting habit is this AMAZING baby blanket.

And yes, I made it and I’m proclaiming that it’s amazing.

It’s for my closest friend since childhood – we were buddies from preschool through high school. She is expecting a baby boy to arrive any day now and this blanket is gift #2 of 4. Gift #1 was a baby sling that I frantically made the morning of her shower when I realized that I had a zillion hours left until blanket completion. It is made from the same flannel polka dot fabric that I used to back the blanket. Baby’s daddy was pretty psyched. #3 is a changing pad from a woman with a cuuuute little etsy shop. She also used the flannel polka dot fabric. And gift #4 is a striped hat that I’m working on now and will finish in the next day or so.

Also new in my fabulous apartment is this nifty juicer attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer.

I’ve been pining over it ever since I first squeezed key limes by hand. It’s a fantastic tool!