Finally! The Fish are Done!!

I finished the fish blanket this weekend with a double crochet white border and then a row of single crochet with the same blue as the fish.

I am so pleased with how this turned out!

2 notes:

Lisa said...

Wow, fabulous blanket! You've totally inspired me to use this pattern for a baby blanket for my BFF's new baby boy (due in Nov.).

Quick question ... in following the original pattern, did you knit all the fishes the same size, or did you knit alternating colors casting on 32 stitches and 28 stitches? If you knit two sizes of fish, how did you mod the pattern to deal with the smaller cast on number? You can email me if you like - I'm bookfaery AT gmail DOT com. Thanks - and again, LOVE the blanket!


Lisa said...

Arrrrgh - ignore my question above - I re-read the pattern and figured out my confusion. That'll teach me to try knitting at 1 AM!!