For the Love of Cashmere

It is a lovely spring day today,
which means that it's a perfect day to express my love to my cashmere sweaters. This morning I used three huge rubbermaid totes to wash lights, darks and white sweaters by hand and then spun them out in the washing machine on the gentle spin cycle. Here is a photo of one of the three drying "stations" I set up outside. The chairs are holding down towels and each sweater is clipped to a towel. I hope nothing blows into the pool!

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Anonymous said...

You've got so many!! Where are they all from? I love online and internet cashmere company Pure Collection for cashmere. I've just bought a lovely superfine/lightweight cashmere camisole (great for the summer) and a tie-front top from them in the sale in fact!

Aadam Aad said...
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