Study Break Shopping Trip

I took a study break trip to the yarn store today. I went with a specific project in mind and bought only what I went for. Yay for me. Here's what I bought:

Two skeins of Organic Cotton for Baby Bobbi Bear, three Jo-Sharp for Elephants and one lace pattern for my lobster pot cashmere. I'm starting the elephant tonight.

When I arrived at the knitting shop the parking lot was chock full of cars. When I stepped in the door I almost stepped on a knitter - there were at least a dozen women at a knitting group. I had no idea there was a Thursday night group. I couldn't join them this week because my allocated study break was only one hour, but next week I think I'll check it out. I'm nervous to join though, perhaps I'll feign a problem with a pattern and go in seeking mock-advice...

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